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Let everyone know what you think of Services By Kim and how it has affected your life. Simply post your thoughts on any social media page or our website. Don't forget to use #ServicesByKim. Below is some responses from a few of the clients of #Services By Kim. Check out what they had to say about us.

"I received a massage by Kim on Sunday, I have had numerous professional massages and I would have to say Kim has been the best. She was very concerned about my trouble areas and made sure that my issues were solved before I left. She also checked in with me the next day to see how I was feeling. I will definitely be having another session with Kim!" (Bethany)

"I feel so good right now! Kim is definitely in the right career field! Seriously, I started feeling better and breathing better after the massage! Thank you so much" (Nicole)

"Had an amazing massage by Services By Kim the other day and now I can't wait until I go back. Make sure to follow and support her business! She does wonders!! ‪#‎entrepreneur‬" (Jessica)

"Ok, so I've only gotten a massage once and it left me so freakin' sore, I said I'd never get another one...well, I lied. I got the absolute BEST massage yesterday by my doula Kim. Now, the only growing pains i have are in my stomach. I slick feel like I got a new body. I could actually feel my circulation improving during acupressure. Pregnant, involved in sports, body pains... I recommend you see her. ‪#‎ServicesByKim"(Deonn)

"This lady right here is phenomenal at what she does! I have never treated myself to a full body massage....but let me tell you, it was the greatest gift I could ever give to me! Thank you Kimberly Vaughn! You are truly a gifted lady, and my body thanks you!" (Tony)

"What an amazing experience I had with Kim. I suffer from several ailments that often trigger one another when receiving a massage. Kim was able to apply the right pressure and soothe achy muscles that have been troubling me for months. I woke up this morning with bountiful energy and great productivity. It definitely doesn't feel as though it was the end of a long week. Thanks Services By Kim!" (ShaVetta)

"Today was rough for me. Some of you know about my daily pain from fibromyalgia, not too many of you because I don't talk much about it...but...woo hoo! I feel 110% better after my massage! I am looking forward to a long-time relationship with Kim for healing massage. Thank you Kim, for the best massage I have had in a very long time!" (Cynthia)

"I have been going to Kimberly for several weeks now for Massage therapy for my fibromyalgia. She is going a great job. I have had other massages for this condition and she has done the best job. I have gone to her with a pain level of 9 and left with it at a pain level of 2. Let me tell you that is awesome because that doesn't usually happen. Thanks again Kimberly" (Stephanie)

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